Make Linked In Social In Your Job Search

I'm on my Soap Box on this one

This is a quick post as I need to finish editing the videos for #HRCarnival. There is still time to record an entry if you want to put yourself in the shop window, in front of many HR professionals and Recruiters. The link is at the end of the post.

It is also a bit of a soap box subject for me. Why do most job seekers not use Linked In as a social media channel where you can find, connect and engage with hiring managers and recruiters? It is such a waste of a great resource, where targeted connections are so easy to make.

Here are my top 10 tips for making Linked In social in your job search:

1: Join all 50 groups that you can. When you target a new connection, look at the groups they belong to and join them. Makes connecting far more likely.

2: Post in groups related to your job search. not just “I want a job.” Ask for advice, document your experiences and share your views. Comment on other posts and get noticed by members.

3; If you belong to group, check the profiles of the members and connect with them directly. Identify who could be useful in your search.

This is a good video from Linked In Groups Help Page that explains how to get the most out of Groups:

4: Make your profile different by adding video that introduces you and states what you are looking for. All you need to do is record on You Tube and use the Slideshare application to add it to your profile.

5: Add a presentation to your profile on what you can offer to an employer. Short and to the point but punchy enough to hit home. Ask people to share it via all their social channels.

6: Add your resume to your profile using the application. You can also add copies of signed references for simple download. (You can use and slide share in all your social places.)

7: Use the twitter application to find which of your linked In connections you are not following on twitter. Check this every week. Find targets on Linked In, follow them (50% will follow back), and look for opportunities to engage.

8: Set up an RSS feed for questions on subjects related to your targeted market. By answering questions and asking your own you will get noticed.

9: Use the “like” button to share posts from hiring companies you are targeting. This will bring you up on their radar as a fan.

10: Check industry events regularly. you can register as interested and offer to help with logistics and promotion given your status. Most will be willing to accommodate you. Check the other attendees and connect with them now you have something in common. You can do this in groups as well as in the comments section on the event page.


That’s my top 10 tips. Please share how you get on, tomorrow I will be sharing a few twitter tips for job seeking and sharing more applications I use to network.

Be social in your search. Good luck!


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About @BillBoorman
“I have always worked in and around recruiting as a Recruiter, Trainer, Operations Director, Consultant and Coach. I have spent more than 27 years in this industry which sadly qualifies me as a veteran. (substitute old!) During this time I have worked in most markets and have been responsible for the full H.R. and Training function for a recruitment business that grew from 6 to 147 branches. I have implemented I.T systems, designed performance management and appraisal systems among most other things. Over the last 5 years I have been working as a consultant and trainer to growing recruiting firms across Europe. The last 18 months saw my introduction to social media and social recruiting. I started with 50 connections on Linked In (mostly friends) and grew from there. signing up for a twitter account in March 2009 changed everything, as I was given access to a fantastic network worldwide. In Feb 2009 I was honoured and surprised to be ranked in the HR Examiner/trakkr index as the 6′th most influential on-line recruiter in the world. Despite this accolade, I still consider myself to be very much a social media amateur (there are lots more in my network that are much wiser and cleverer. I’m now best known as @BillBoorman on twitter, and have been described a twitterholic that never sleeps, omnipresent and even a whirling dervish! (Thanks @fishdogs.) In September 2009 I attended an event in Toronto (Recruitfest 09) that had a major impact on me. This was my first stint as a track leader at an unconference. I was so taken by this open format that I brought it back to the UK and with Geoff Webb, (Radical Recruit), launched #trulondon and other #tru events. We are in the process of taking these events on a global tour stretching from london to china over the next 2 years. I love the buzz these events create, and enjoy them as much on-line as off it.

6 Responses to Make Linked In Social In Your Job Search

  1. Bill – Thanks for letting me know about your new post and inviting my thoughts! You make a lot of great suggestions for job seekers; using LinkedIn to the fullest includes focusing on groups. Optimizing that means interacting and seeking opportunities to connect.

    I wouldn’t advise my clients to join so many groups; I am more a fan of “less is more.” I suggest joining groups that promote active participation — just enough to keep you interested, but not too many to fully participate.

    As for videos – that is another tricky subject. If you know you look and sound good on video and can put together something that looks professional, I’m all for it. Unfortunately, it seems more videos go viral for negative reasons.

    I think all of your other tips are terrific! Thanks for sharing a great list!

    • @BillBoorman says:

      Thanks again for your comments. I favour 50 groups because this gives you a much wider reach for connecting with others. If you belong to a group, members come up in your search and you have common ground.

  2. Lisa says:

    Lots of great suggestions here. I see very few people who have their resumes uploaded- would love to see more! I think a good picture is important too.

    Sometimes people seem to be reticent to indicate that they are open to “career opportunities”. Check your boss’s profile- good chance that s/he is and it is okay for you to be too.

    A lot of people seem to create a profile and forget about it, and may miss out on great opportunities as a result. A great profile doesn’t mean much if candidates do not access their account regularly. It is better to select the option to have messages sent to one’s email account.

    I would agree with Miriam that meaningful participation in groups is good. True, it is difficult to participate in 50, but since group membership gives you access to group members and vice versa, I think it is a good idea to join the full 50.

  3. Bill:
    I am so glad to see you focusing on this topic! There’s a huge need to help people understand how to “be social” in their search.

    I appreciate the fact that you are highlighting all the functions and features of LinkedIn. Awareness is step one. Step two is determining whether the feature is right for you. That’s why I truly value Miriam’s feedback. She is sharing the possible realities.

    Best of luck with this new project! I will certainly be back and refer others to this resource.

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