Using YouTube to take your job search viral

Target your search using Video

I promised a post on twitter today, but it is turning in to a bit of an epic. I’m going to split it in to a series and feature it over the next week. Worth subscribing to, just sign up to this blog by e-mail. You can sign using the “Sign Me Up” widget in the side bar. You never need miss another Social job Search post.

While considering what to post in its place, a post came up on Facebook that caught my attention. It was posted by Marie Journey, who is a great sourcer (that’s a candidate finder for anyone unsure of the recruiting terminology), who specialises in global talent attraction. Marie is also a dab hand at video. I will post soon on the easiest way you can make one yourself, and the best tools to use.

If you have built a network of connections in any of the social channels, they will share your message by posting links to your video. (known as a vlog, short for video blog.)
Marie’s video came to my attention via a Facebook post from my friend Geoff Webb, aka: @RadicalRecruit. I watched it, shared it on Facebook and sent it out in to the twitterverse posting the link. I have also written 2 blog posts on the video, here and on the recruiting unblog. When I first watched the video there had been 22 views, when i last looked, only an hour later, it was reaching close to 200. I know at least 1 of my connections had passed on a job lead, and looking at Marie twitter stream, there was mentions, links and leads being passed everywhere. This real example shows the power of a good network. People will want to help you but you have to give them a way of helping. Posting a YouTube commercial all about you gives them an easy way of helping.
If you have never posted to YouTube, here are a few quick tips:

1: It doesn’t need to look slick and professional. people will buy in to you talking.

2: You can record direct from your webcam if you don’t have the skills to mix and edit.

3: You can get a video mixing tool like Camtasia free for 30 days. enough time to record and mix a cool video commercial, and you might even end up buying it.

4: Keep video length to no longer than 3 minutes.

5: check out Jim Stroud at the recruiters lounge, Marie Journey or radical recruit for ideas on video.

6: Make sure your video is tagged for easy finding in a search.

7; Don’t be camera-shy. Talk naturally and don’t read script. Give viewers a feel for you. you don’t need to look like a news reporter or T.V. anchor unless that is the job you are applying for!

Here is Marie’s video to show just what is possible, and how you can promote yourself socially:

Enjoy making your video. Send me the links and I will be glad to feature them and circulate in my network. Might just find you the opportunity you are looking for.

Be Social in your Job search.

Links Featured In This Post:

Marie Journey Blog

The Recruiters Lounge From Jim Stroud

Radical Recruit YouTube Channel

The Recruiting Unblog My other blog!


About @BillBoorman
“I have always worked in and around recruiting as a Recruiter, Trainer, Operations Director, Consultant and Coach. I have spent more than 27 years in this industry which sadly qualifies me as a veteran. (substitute old!) During this time I have worked in most markets and have been responsible for the full H.R. and Training function for a recruitment business that grew from 6 to 147 branches. I have implemented I.T systems, designed performance management and appraisal systems among most other things. Over the last 5 years I have been working as a consultant and trainer to growing recruiting firms across Europe. The last 18 months saw my introduction to social media and social recruiting. I started with 50 connections on Linked In (mostly friends) and grew from there. signing up for a twitter account in March 2009 changed everything, as I was given access to a fantastic network worldwide. In Feb 2009 I was honoured and surprised to be ranked in the HR Examiner/trakkr index as the 6′th most influential on-line recruiter in the world. Despite this accolade, I still consider myself to be very much a social media amateur (there are lots more in my network that are much wiser and cleverer. I’m now best known as @BillBoorman on twitter, and have been described a twitterholic that never sleeps, omnipresent and even a whirling dervish! (Thanks @fishdogs.) In September 2009 I attended an event in Toronto (Recruitfest 09) that had a major impact on me. This was my first stint as a track leader at an unconference. I was so taken by this open format that I brought it back to the UK and with Geoff Webb, (Radical Recruit), launched #trulondon and other #tru events. We are in the process of taking these events on a global tour stretching from london to china over the next 2 years. I love the buzz these events create, and enjoy them as much on-line as off it.

2 Responses to Using YouTube to take your job search viral

  1. @BillBoorman says:

    This is the latest update from Marie on the recruiting unblog: (check the results!)

    Thanks Bill! I’m not one for a video resume, but I’m a huge promoter for creating a Video Talent Profile & had a reason to try it out myself. Notice, you don’t have to video yourself or use super expensive software. is free is free Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin? Free as well…They key is to highlight your talents and skills.

    Results in under 24 hours: 3 Interview calls AND 1st Page Google What? Why? Oh My! Not sure what the next 24 hours will bring, but I do appreciate the support and hope that this method gives job seekers one more tool to land a job as quickly as possible 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Looking forward to following you!!

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