I learnt a new Linked In tip today (Thanks to Otis Collier)

Love linked In!

This might be really simple, and the power users of Linked In will laugh at me for not knowing it already, but I learnt a simple trick from a video that was shared with me via Facebook.
The video was about making your contacts settings visible to everyone, whether you are connected with them or not. This is great advice, and i have included the video for you to watch.

The bit I didn’t know, and I love this, is that you can drag and drop the sections of your profile in to any order you want by clicking on the edit button in settings and moving them around.

This means you can position the key details where you want them and make your profile a little different to the others that might have been looked at. Moving the download of your resume and a presentation of the job you are looking for near to the top of your profile seems a great idea.

I will be doing a makeover on my linked In profile this week. Look out for changes!

The advice on being easy to contact is on the money. The easier you are to contact, the more likely you will get a call.

Thanks for sharing the knowledge Otis, and Kay Kellison, for bringing it up on my radar via Facebook. true meaning of friend.

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Otis Collier

Kay Kellison (Good sharer of info)


About @BillBoorman
“I have always worked in and around recruiting as a Recruiter, Trainer, Operations Director, Consultant and Coach. I have spent more than 27 years in this industry which sadly qualifies me as a veteran. (substitute old!) During this time I have worked in most markets and have been responsible for the full H.R. and Training function for a recruitment business that grew from 6 to 147 branches. I have implemented I.T systems, designed performance management and appraisal systems among most other things. Over the last 5 years I have been working as a consultant and trainer to growing recruiting firms across Europe. The last 18 months saw my introduction to social media and social recruiting. I started with 50 connections on Linked In (mostly friends) and grew from there. signing up for a twitter account in March 2009 changed everything, as I was given access to a fantastic network worldwide. In Feb 2009 I was honoured and surprised to be ranked in the HR Examiner/trakkr index as the 6′th most influential on-line recruiter in the world. Despite this accolade, I still consider myself to be very much a social media amateur (there are lots more in my network that are much wiser and cleverer. I’m now best known as @BillBoorman on twitter, and have been described a twitterholic that never sleeps, omnipresent and even a whirling dervish! (Thanks @fishdogs.) In September 2009 I attended an event in Toronto (Recruitfest 09) that had a major impact on me. This was my first stint as a track leader at an unconference. I was so taken by this open format that I brought it back to the UK and with Geoff Webb, (Radical Recruit), launched #trulondon and other #tru events. We are in the process of taking these events on a global tour stretching from london to china over the next 2 years. I love the buzz these events create, and enjoy them as much on-line as off it.

3 Responses to I learnt a new Linked In tip today (Thanks to Otis Collier)

  1. Otis Collier says:

    Thanks Bill for the re-post of my video. It started off as a private video for a client and the advice was so sound that I thought I would share it with the rest of my friends on Facebook. I never thought it would go viral… but I am glad you have shared it here with your viewers.

  2. Bill – Isn’t that neat about moving around your LinkedIn profile? I recently learned that myself, while doing research for my book. It is a good option from a tool that normally forces us into lock-step!

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