About Social Job Search

Helping you find your way through the social job search maze

My career, all 27 years of it has been in and around recruiting as a Recruiter, Manager, Director and Trainer among other things. Lots of things have changed during that time, but there is one thing that inconsistent. You can trace recruiting back to the middle ages in the U.K. and the hiring fairs, again there is one omnipresent rule, without job seekers there would be no recruitment.

During the last 18 months or so I have found my way around Social Media and have managed to build a good network for me. Most of this has been by trial and error. I also dedicate quite a lot of time to tracking and looking at new applications. For me, social media is less about channels (you need to be everywhere), and more about applications and plug-ins and how you use them.

I take part in a few twitter chats aimed at job seekers, in particular a U.S.Chat, #jobhuntchat on a Sunday night. I quite often share tips on how to leverage social media in the job search. You need different approaches if you are working and looking to change or if you are out of work and in a full-time job hunt.

This blog aims to help job seekers whatever their status and wherever they might be. I will be posting a short daily tip covering either social media or job search/interviewing in general. I’m not a job search coach or a resume writer, so I’m not looking for commercial gain from job seekers. This blog is to share the things I have learnt with those who need it most. Subscribe to get a daily tip in to you’re in box.

Great searching everyone!


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