Word on The Tweet: 5 ways to get a job in 140 characters

I’m a self-confessed “twitterholic”. 140 characters keeps your message simple and to the point, and the retweet function makes it simple for others to share and spread your “Hire Me” message and links to your resume.
Here are 5 things you can do to help in your job search via twitter:

1: Install Tweetdeck.

I have tried other products but I always come back to it. You can organise columns to follow job-posts, search on keywords or twitter accounts instantly, mark target accounts as friends for streaming in to a column and never miss the opportunity to reply. It’s free and simple to use. What are you waiting for?

Video source; Tweetdeck.Com

2: Sign up for TwitJobsearch.

Twitjobsearch has an incredible search engine that reads millions of tweets a day and filters out the jobs in to a simple to use search engine that is free to use. All you need to do is enter job type and location to receive all the current tweets linking to that job type. The search is in real-time and updates instantly. You should go in and look 3 or 4 times a day to keep up to date with new opportunities as they get posted. Twitter now carry more job links than any other single internet channel. It has been described as the biggest job board in the world. The opportunity you need could well be there, take the effort out of searching.

Video from CarrerEnlightenment.Net

The video includes some great tips on completing your Twitjobsearch unique profile.

3: Use your twitter bio.

Make it searchable by including keywords separated by commas, links to your resume and linked in profile and a clear indication of the type of job you are looking for. Your bio is your promotion, use the limited characters wisely, and remember that it may be the first impression a recruiter or hiring manager has of you. make it count!

Short video post that shows you how to complete your profile from @johnilouise

4: Take part in twitter chats and follow #hashtag conversations around job seeking or your target industry.

The best job seeking chats for job seekers are:

#Jobhuntchat – On a monday night. You can post to the stream anytime or download past chats by searching: http://www.wthashtag.com.
Once you’re in, enter the twitter chat hashtag you want to read about and check out the transcript. This chat is a great resource for tips, blog posts and great follow suggestions.

:#HFChat – The weekly chat that accompanies the #HireFriday and #HFUK stream. This chat is more time friendly for European readers to follow and take part in, going out at 5.00PM GMT on a Friday.

The #HireFriday (US) and #HFUK (UK) are streams where you can post a link to your resume or linked In profile and a description of what you are looking for. Followers of this stream will share your details by retweeting. This should be your destination every Friday.

#CareerChat – Great for career advice and in work job movers.

@WriterChanelle has a list of all the twitter chats that go on in a google doc. connect with her for a link, and some good conversation!

If you are taking part in any of the twitter chats, and they are a great way to get noticed and connect, use http://www.tweetchat.com or http://www.tweetgrid.com  to follow and join in the conversation.

This video is from @pushingsocial. While the featured chat is #blogchat, the advice for ANY twitter chat is great!

Help others where you can and be worth following. That means plenty of conversation, replying to people through the @ messages, sharing posts by retweeting and thanking those that help you. it’s very simple, but be worth following!

It’s very simple to get active and noticed in twitter. If you want me to review your bio and recent twitter stream (as seen by tweetdeck) through a recruiters eyes, post your twitter handle in the comments, subscribe to this blog and I will post you a 30 second review.

Twitter is the best introduction channel, remember to be social in your job search!

Good luck this week,


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What Job Suits You?

If your job search is going nowhere, and you’re getting worn down by rejection, it could be that you are looking for the wrong type of job.

There is a product from Recruit Technologies that could help you understand what roles you should be looking at. The technology is simple to navigate and complete, and from what I’ve seen, the results are pretty accurate. It works like an assessment you might take at interview, only it works for you.
You can buy extra tests and resources that are reasonably priced with the job seeker in mind, (£25.00, give or take a few pennies), but the first 2 tests and reports are free, against 3 market sectors or job roles.

I think it is worth you taking half an hour to complete the assessments that will generate the reports. you can make your own choices if you want to spend any more money on it, but most importantly, you get the reports to work with.
For employers and recruiters, these resources are free to put on the back-end of your ATS. You can send them out to those candidates that don’t make the grade. This is a simple way to provide the best candidate care and requires no extra work from you, it could even provide an additional income stream.
Complete your assessment now and post your thoughts, good and bad in comments.

Be social in your job search,


PS: I’ve been running behind in my reviews of your resumes and linked In profiles. If you are still waiting, I promise to get them done by Monday. If you haven’t submitted your resume or profile yet, you still can.

Complete The Free My Job Fit Assesment. (Just click on try before you buy.)

W.T.F. Jobseekers? Get Real

I know when you’re looking for a job or out of work, you need all the support you can get. You need encouragement and praise to keep motivated, but sometimes what you really need is some harsh love, this could be one of those occasions.
In my twitter stream recently, I’ve got increasingly frustrated by some comments from job seekers and some of the advice being giving. Here are the top 9  “W.T.F.” comments you really should ignore:

1: If the A.T.S. is too complicated, asks too many questions or takes too long to complete I drop out.

Reality: Many A.T.S.’s suck
Reality: The bigger the drop out the more chance you have of getting the job
Reality: You will not get 100% of the jobs you don’t apply for.
It might be frustrating but you need to stick with it. Employers understand mistakes, and if you are confused by the ATS, ask for help!

2: I only connect with people who send me personalised invites or who I know.

Reality: The number 1 source of hire is referral.
Reality: You never know who knows who till you are connected
Reality: The wider your network, the more chance it will deliver a job
Connect with everyone you can at first invite or finding, you can weed them out later if they are spammers or undesirable.

3: I avoid connecting with recruiters unless they have a job for me.

Reality: Recruiters get people jobs.
Reality: If there is anyway a recruiter can place you they will, it’s how they eat. They are however, not the welfare office or career coaches.
Reality: If a recruiter has a job for you, they will hunt you down.
Make as many recruiter contacts as you can. Don’t expect instant feedback and make it easy to work with you by being friendly and having a clear idea of what you want. Don’t give them a hard time if they have nothing for you now, and DON’T as was suggested, put the phone down on them if they don’t know a job/company inside out.

4: It’s pushy to ask for the job

Reality: Many hiring managers take not asking as not interested.
Reality: If you don’t ask, you won’t get. (My mum taught me that.)
Reality: The offer only goes to someone who is perceived to really want it.
Always ask: 1: What the next step is? the timetable for that? Any reservations they have about you and if you can have the next step.

5: Only interview for jobs and cultures that fit what you want.

Reality: Most job descriptions do not match the real job.
Reality: Job descriptions are often changed to fit the candidate once strengths are identified.
Reality: If you don’t go to the interview you will never know.
Don’t be the one that got away. Go for the interview!

6: Lock down your Facebook privacy settings.

Reality: Recruiters are increasingly sourcing candidates through Facebook.
Reality: Your privacy settings are not really private anyway. there are lots of ways in for the really determined.
Reality: The person who can refer you for a job is probably not a college friend or family member.
Clean up your profile if you’re worried about it. Talk to your friends on the phone. Complete your professional details on Facebook. Sign up for BranchOut, they just got a $6mn investment and the networks/job platform is growing quickly. Make it clear you want a job.

7: I don’t prepare for interview because I want to be natural

Reality: The more you prepare the more confident you will feel.
Reality: The more you know about the company and the job, the better questions you can ask and the closer you can present “fit.”
Reality: Hiring managers are impressed with prepared candidates who tell them why they want the job.
Success at interview is 80% in the preparation, only 20% in the presentation.
8: Why should I chase feedback. if they want me, they will contact me.
Reality: The one who gets the job is usually the one who wants it most.
Reality: Every contact reminds the hiring manager of you.
Reality: The jobs not filled till someone starts.
Follow up, communicate and ask for feedback. Express at every stage that you are interested. It’s not their job to hire you, it’s your job to get hired!

9: E-mail is the best way to communicate.

Reality: E-mails get ignored.
Reality: You can counter objections in a call
Reality: You can project enthusiasm in a call.
PICK THE PHONE UP. E-mail is for confirmation and cowards. Don’t be the latter!

That is  the end of my rant. please add your own comments, examples of bad advice that make you say “W.T.F.” and anything else you want to add. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to keep getting tips. You can do so on the e-mail button. It’s quick and simple.

Be social in your job search,


@ChrisBrogan Job Search Webinar & @Hirekyle Bonus

I’m giving over todays post to 2 people who I think are doing great things in the social job search. The first is someone you probably all know, Chris Brogan.
Chris is the real deal when it comes to social media. His book “Trust Agents” (Co-written with Julien Smith), is a must read.
I blogged about Chris on Christmas day, after he had sent me 2 messages Christmas Eve. I was impressed that he had taken the time out to reply, and I was even more taken back that he commented on my blog 3 times on Christmas day. A rare level of engagement indeed!
Chris is hosting a webinar specifically for job seekers on Thursday 30’th Sept, 7.00 – 8.15 EDT or 11.00 PM – 12.15 PM. called Enhance Your job Search With Social Presence.

To register for this webinar, and I recommend you do, click on Chris’s picture below and go to the registration page. Book it now before you get over subscribed.
The webinar is sponsored by newly launched Human Business Works.e

Click on Chris to get the Webinar

The second person I’m highlighting is much less famous than Chris, but no less worthy  to share the post.  He has  started a campaign to get hired via social media that I think we can all learn something from.
Kyle Clark is a recent graduate from the UK, who has started a “Hire Me” campaign is going viral by the minute. It’s a mix of audacity and creativity. great for social media.

His approach has been to set up a micro-site to highlight his skills, outlined by his @Hirekyle twitter handle.
The site is well designed, as good as you would see from any design house. Take the time to take a look, it takes job seeker branding to a new level. Kyle has had his site up for a few days now, and on the site alone he has achieved 131 tweets and 147 shares. I’m sure Chris would be more than approving of this social campaign to find not just a job, but the right job!

The headings on Kyle’s site are:

* KYLE’S CV (You can view it or download a hard copy.)

Under the Challenge page, Kyle describes the challenge as:

To get as many people as possible to bid for my services as an employee over the next 2 months.

I decided to MAKE the EMPLOYKYLE campaign to find the perfect job. Or perhaps for the perfect job to find me! With over 70 graduates going for each graduate job, it’s pretty hard to get noticed! This is my subtle way of saying notice ME and demonstrating that I will go the extra mile to stand out. The idea of this campaign is that employers look at my CV, have a think about the value I could add to their company, and then make me AN offer. Unlike ebay, I won’t simply go to the highest bidder, I’ll go to the best bidder. So go on, make me an OFFER.

Being a social campaign, you can follow EmployKyle on twitter, Friend him on Facebook or even e-mail him direct. There are multiple points of contact, all Kyle needs now is to add You Tube and Linked In to complete the set.

The website is profesionally produced by lemonfreshdesign in Norwich. I have no idea of the cost, but it looks to be a very good investment. Theres a clock counting down the days to the end of the campaign, and some funky widgets to drill down in to the C.V. for more detail.

Given the effort that has gone in to Hire Kyle campaign, and it’s viral social nature, I wanted to share it with you. Think big, be social,and you might just land the big job.


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Get Hired By Word Of Mouse

You might have heard the rumbling around the growing use of “referral” as the favoured source of hire. For a hiring company this has a lot of benefits.
for a start there are no fees involved. (Although some companies will pay a bounty to the referer as a reward.)
Given that an employee has been willing to stake their reputation on the recommendation, there is less risk than unknown candidates.
Given that the both the candidate and the company are known to the referer, the cultural fit is most likely right.
Getting a job through the referral of a friend gives greater commitment through peer pressure.
Given these points, it’s easy to see why hiring companies are so keen to make this route to hire a top priority, and are developing new ways to utilise social media channels like Face Book, linked in and twitter. Getting hired will increasingly be about who you know and are connected with, rather than what you know or where your C.V/resume is on show.

How can you get yourself marketed by word of mouse?

1: Make sure all your profiles and bio’s are up to date and present you in the best light. In particular, remember to complete the professional pages on Facebook and that you have an open, accessable profile.

2: Sign up for the free “Branch Out” application on Facebook.

3: Identify the companies you want to work for and run searches on Linked In, Branch Out and Twitter Search to see who you are connected to in those companies. With Branch out you can also see all the secondary and third level connections with the company.

(Branch Out have just announced $6Mn in funding from Microsoft Bizspark, so i’m expecting a rapid growth in users.)

4: Ask those you know for a referral to your target companies. If you don’t have any close connections, consider targeting them through a facebook ad. These are very cheap, targeted and you pay only per click.

5: Give your connections something they can share within their connections and employers. This should include your LinkedIn profile, (with a C.V/resume added using the box.net application,) and a clear statement of the type of work you are looking for. You should also consider a blog that will showcase you and a clear, concise statement of what you are looking for in a job. Make sure you are easy to contact by having your contact details on all your profiles, bios and places. (A hire me button really stands out, is easy to create and link.)

6: As I listed in my last post, a video on You Tube is an easy thing for your connections and friends to share. I’ve attached another video that was shared with me by one of my connections, that showcases the skills, experience and personality of Graeme Anthony. (It’s a UK one too!) You can record a short video that is tailored to the company you want to join, what you can offer them and why you want to join them. Taking the time to research the company, your connections and finding out about them will really stand out.

Word of mouse will get you hired. Your friends and connections want to help you, but you need to give them material to share!

Be social in your search,


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Using YouTube to take your job search viral

Target your search using Video

I promised a post on twitter today, but it is turning in to a bit of an epic. I’m going to split it in to a series and feature it over the next week. Worth subscribing to, just sign up to this blog by e-mail. You can sign using the “Sign Me Up” widget in the side bar. You never need miss another Social job Search post.

While considering what to post in its place, a post came up on Facebook that caught my attention. It was posted by Marie Journey, who is a great sourcer (that’s a candidate finder for anyone unsure of the recruiting terminology), who specialises in global talent attraction. Marie is also a dab hand at video. I will post soon on the easiest way you can make one yourself, and the best tools to use.

If you have built a network of connections in any of the social channels, they will share your message by posting links to your video. (known as a vlog, short for video blog.)
Marie’s video came to my attention via a Facebook post from my friend Geoff Webb, aka: @RadicalRecruit. I watched it, shared it on Facebook and sent it out in to the twitterverse posting the link. I have also written 2 blog posts on the video, here and on the recruiting unblog. When I first watched the video there had been 22 views, when i last looked, only an hour later, it was reaching close to 200. I know at least 1 of my connections had passed on a job lead, and looking at Marie twitter stream, there was mentions, links and leads being passed everywhere. This real example shows the power of a good network. People will want to help you but you have to give them a way of helping. Posting a YouTube commercial all about you gives them an easy way of helping.
If you have never posted to YouTube, here are a few quick tips:

1: It doesn’t need to look slick and professional. people will buy in to you talking.

2: You can record direct from your webcam if you don’t have the skills to mix and edit.

3: You can get a video mixing tool like Camtasia free for 30 days. enough time to record and mix a cool video commercial, and you might even end up buying it.

4: Keep video length to no longer than 3 minutes.

5: check out Jim Stroud at the recruiters lounge, Marie Journey or radical recruit for ideas on video.

6: Make sure your video is tagged for easy finding in a search.

7; Don’t be camera-shy. Talk naturally and don’t read script. Give viewers a feel for you. you don’t need to look like a news reporter or T.V. anchor unless that is the job you are applying for!

Here is Marie’s video to show just what is possible, and how you can promote yourself socially:

Enjoy making your video. Send me the links and I will be glad to feature them and circulate in my network. Might just find you the opportunity you are looking for.

Be Social in your Job search.

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