What Job Suits You?

If your job search is going nowhere, and you’re getting worn down by rejection, it could be that you are looking for the wrong type of job.

There is a product from Recruit Technologies that could help you understand what roles you should be looking at. The technology is simple to navigate and complete, and from what I’ve seen, the results are pretty accurate. It works like an assessment you might take at interview, only it works for you.
You can buy extra tests and resources that are reasonably priced with the job seeker in mind, (£25.00, give or take a few pennies), but the first 2 tests and reports are free, against 3 market sectors or job roles.

I think it is worth you taking half an hour to complete the assessments that will generate the reports. you can make your own choices if you want to spend any more money on it, but most importantly, you get the reports to work with.
For employers and recruiters, these resources are free to put on the back-end of your ATS. You can send them out to those candidates that don’t make the grade. This is a simple way to provide the best candidate care and requires no extra work from you, it could even provide an additional income stream.
Complete your assessment now and post your thoughts, good and bad in comments.

Be social in your job search,


PS: I’ve been running behind in my reviews of your resumes and linked In profiles. If you are still waiting, I promise to get them done by Monday. If you haven’t submitted your resume or profile yet, you still can.

Complete The Free My Job Fit Assesment. (Just click on try before you buy.)