Linked In Job Search Just Got Simple. Put Your Profile To The 30 Second Test

I’ve found an application on Linked In that is certainly new to me. It makes the job search much easier and goes well beyond the usual way of responding to ads. As the name suggests, you get right inside the advertising company and the ad itself.
Linked In Jobs Insider enables you to easily see who you are connected with for any job posted not only on Linked In, but also Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Craigslist, SimplyHired, Dice, or Vault, and like all the best job search applications, it’s free!
The way it works is you download a discrete Linked In toolbar that has just two tabs. One enables you to either update your profile or share posts with links through your groups. The second tab gives you full navigation through the channel so you can go where you need quickly, as well as turning on the Job Insider application.

The application pops up as a small column on the side of the screen and enables you to search jobs by keyword. Once you are in to the keyword search you can narrow the search down as much as you want or need to in order to come up with the jobs you are really interested in.

The search options are when Company by name, when posted, location (country or city), job function, industry, level and experience so that you can really drill down.
The list of jobs returned includes not only Linked In jobs, but also the career sites listed above. That’s a lot of coverage and opportunities.

When you get in to an individual job opportunity you get to see the full job description and company profile as well as who posted the job with a link to their profile and in-mail option. You can apply direct via the company website or via Linked In, request an introduction to the person who posted the job via one of your connections if you are not already connected with them. That is lots of ways to connect and apply from one place.

In addition, the really funky bit is that you can see who you are connected with that already works there (they could become your referer or give you help in your application.)
You even get an e-bay’esque list of similar jobs you can apply for and then if it doesn’t float your boat, a list of your connections that might be interested that you can forward the job opportunity to.

This takes a lot of the hard sourcing work out of the job hunt and enables you to take a two-way approach to applying for a job, with double the chance of getting that elusive interview. Operating within the seven job boards as well as Linked In gives great coverage across the job market. As always, the bigger and more targeted your network, the more opportunity to apply direct to the hiring manager, (You may already be on their radar) or to ask an established contact to refer you.  The best way to get referrals is to build a network of people in target companies/sectors and engage with them before you need something. People are naturally curious about the people they engage with and will look at your profile, bio or blog first off. Get these right to create the best first impression.

I really enjoyed  doing the 30 second reviews of your resumes, and I hope you found my comments useful. Although this post has passed, I will review any I receive, so keep them coming.

The 30 Second Review

This week I’m switching from resumes to profiles. if your going to be applying for jobs through Job Insider, and it is a great application, then you are going to need your Linked In profile to create a great first impression. This week I will be doing 30 second reviews of your profile. (That’s how long a recruiter will look at it before moving on.) If you want your profile reviewing, post the link in comments, subscribe to the blog either by e-mail or RSS feed and I will post a review.

If you have a blog, I’m also featuring blogs and bloggers on my other blog, The Recruiting Unblog. Head over there, subscribe and post a link to your blog, I will do the rest!

Please let me know your thoughts and how you get on with Job Insider, be social in your search.


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Using YouTube to take your job search viral

Target your search using Video

I promised a post on twitter today, but it is turning in to a bit of an epic. I’m going to split it in to a series and feature it over the next week. Worth subscribing to, just sign up to this blog by e-mail. You can sign using the “Sign Me Up” widget in the side bar. You never need miss another Social job Search post.

While considering what to post in its place, a post came up on Facebook that caught my attention. It was posted by Marie Journey, who is a great sourcer (that’s a candidate finder for anyone unsure of the recruiting terminology), who specialises in global talent attraction. Marie is also a dab hand at video. I will post soon on the easiest way you can make one yourself, and the best tools to use.

If you have built a network of connections in any of the social channels, they will share your message by posting links to your video. (known as a vlog, short for video blog.)
Marie’s video came to my attention via a Facebook post from my friend Geoff Webb, aka: @RadicalRecruit. I watched it, shared it on Facebook and sent it out in to the twitterverse posting the link. I have also written 2 blog posts on the video, here and on the recruiting unblog. When I first watched the video there had been 22 views, when i last looked, only an hour later, it was reaching close to 200. I know at least 1 of my connections had passed on a job lead, and looking at Marie twitter stream, there was mentions, links and leads being passed everywhere. This real example shows the power of a good network. People will want to help you but you have to give them a way of helping. Posting a YouTube commercial all about you gives them an easy way of helping.
If you have never posted to YouTube, here are a few quick tips:

1: It doesn’t need to look slick and professional. people will buy in to you talking.

2: You can record direct from your webcam if you don’t have the skills to mix and edit.

3: You can get a video mixing tool like Camtasia free for 30 days. enough time to record and mix a cool video commercial, and you might even end up buying it.

4: Keep video length to no longer than 3 minutes.

5: check out Jim Stroud at the recruiters lounge, Marie Journey or radical recruit for ideas on video.

6: Make sure your video is tagged for easy finding in a search.

7; Don’t be camera-shy. Talk naturally and don’t read script. Give viewers a feel for you. you don’t need to look like a news reporter or T.V. anchor unless that is the job you are applying for!

Here is Marie’s video to show just what is possible, and how you can promote yourself socially:

Enjoy making your video. Send me the links and I will be glad to feature them and circulate in my network. Might just find you the opportunity you are looking for.

Be Social in your Job search.

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