Word on The Tweet: 5 ways to get a job in 140 characters

I’m a self-confessed “twitterholic”. 140 characters keeps your message simple and to the point, and the retweet function makes it simple for others to share and spread your “Hire Me” message and links to your resume.
Here are 5 things you can do to help in your job search via twitter:

1: Install Tweetdeck.

I have tried other products but I always come back to it. You can organise columns to follow job-posts, search on keywords or twitter accounts instantly, mark target accounts as friends for streaming in to a column and never miss the opportunity to reply. It’s free and simple to use. What are you waiting for?

Video source; Tweetdeck.Com

2: Sign up for TwitJobsearch.

Twitjobsearch has an incredible search engine that reads millions of tweets a day and filters out the jobs in to a simple to use search engine that is free to use. All you need to do is enter job type and location to receive all the current tweets linking to that job type. The search is in real-time and updates instantly. You should go in and look 3 or 4 times a day to keep up to date with new opportunities as they get posted. Twitter now carry more job links than any other single internet channel. It has been described as the biggest job board in the world. The opportunity you need could well be there, take the effort out of searching.

Video from CarrerEnlightenment.Net

The video includes some great tips on completing your Twitjobsearch unique profile.

3: Use your twitter bio.

Make it searchable by including keywords separated by commas, links to your resume and linked in profile and a clear indication of the type of job you are looking for. Your bio is your promotion, use the limited characters wisely, and remember that it may be the first impression a recruiter or hiring manager has of you. make it count!

Short video post that shows you how to complete your profile from @johnilouise

4: Take part in twitter chats and follow #hashtag conversations around job seeking or your target industry.

The best job seeking chats for job seekers are:

#Jobhuntchat – On a monday night. You can post to the stream anytime or download past chats by searching: http://www.wthashtag.com.
Once you’re in, enter the twitter chat hashtag you want to read about and check out the transcript. This chat is a great resource for tips, blog posts and great follow suggestions.

:#HFChat – The weekly chat that accompanies the #HireFriday and #HFUK stream. This chat is more time friendly for European readers to follow and take part in, going out at 5.00PM GMT on a Friday.

The #HireFriday (US) and #HFUK (UK) are streams where you can post a link to your resume or linked In profile and a description of what you are looking for. Followers of this stream will share your details by retweeting. This should be your destination every Friday.

#CareerChat – Great for career advice and in work job movers.

@WriterChanelle has a list of all the twitter chats that go on in a google doc. connect with her for a link, and some good conversation!

If you are taking part in any of the twitter chats, and they are a great way to get noticed and connect, use http://www.tweetchat.com or http://www.tweetgrid.comĀ  to follow and join in the conversation.

This video is from @pushingsocial. While the featured chat is #blogchat, the advice for ANY twitter chat is great!

Help others where you can and be worth following. That means plenty of conversation, replying to people through the @ messages, sharing posts by retweeting and thanking those that help you. it’s very simple, but be worth following!

It’s very simple to get active and noticed in twitter. If you want me to review your bio and recent twitter stream (as seen by tweetdeck) through a recruiters eyes, post your twitter handle in the comments, subscribe to this blog and I will post you a 30 second review.

Twitter is the best introduction channel, remember to be social in your job search!

Good luck this week,


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